A Daring Pursuit (The Accidental Spy Series book 3) (Paperback)

A Daring Pursuit (The Accidental Spy Series book 3) (Paperback)

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 The Accidental Spy Series book three

Note: This series MUST be read in order. Do not read this book until you have read the first two in the series.

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*Spoiler alert! Do not read on until you have read An Accidental Spy and A Dangerous Performance.

About this premium paperback:

To form a future, they must reconcile the past...

When Annabelle failed to stop the nation’s first presidential assassination, not only did the country plunge into chaos but she’s mistaken for one of the conspirators. Imprisoned and berated while waiting for trial, she wants nothing more than to return to Rosswood Plantation. But in order to gain her freedom she must decide between trusting a man from her past or keeping her faith in the increasingly distant soldier she’s come to love.

Forced to choose between his allegiances and the safety of the people he loves, Matthew finds himself swept into the most massive manhunt in history. John Wilkes Booth has disappeared, and everything Matthew holds dear rests on finding the assassin. But to finally bring the conspirators to justice, Matthew must first conquer his own demons. Can he discover the power of redemptive love, or will his future with Annabelle be another casualty of war?

★ A Daring Pursuit is a 2020 rewrite of the previously published title Labeling Lincoln (The Liberator Series book three)

Book three of three. The Accidental Spy series is an adventurous romantic trilogy following Annabelle Ross and Matthew Daniels. Please note these books must be read in order and that while each book has a complete storyline, the overall plot is completed throughout the trilogy.

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