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Historical Bestseller eBook Bundle

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Special Collection includes FIVE full-length novels:

  • In His Eyes

  • Eternity Between Us

  • The Accidental Spy Series (includes all three books in the trilogy. An Accidental Spy, A Dangerous Performance, and A Daring Pursuit)

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About each book in the collection:

In His Eyes

In His Eyes

She pretends to be a Yankee officer's widow in order to survive. But what will she do when he returns home to a wife he didn't marry?

Ella Whitaker rescues a newborn from the dying arms of a woman of ill repute and at long last she has someone to love. In need of a wet nurse, she arrives at Belmont Plantation just as Federal soldiers demand to speak to the owner. Thinking quickly, Ella masquerades as a Yankee officer's widow in order to have a roof over her head and a home for the child. But now she must work even harder to hide her Scottish immigrant roots and play the part of a refined Southern lady or risk losing her only hope to keep her new son.

Union Major Westley Remington has dedicated his life to serving his country. The Civil War divided his family, tore his thoughts of glory, and left him with a wound that may never heal. Westley returns home to settle his father’s estate at Belmont Plantation, only to find his house is being run by a fiery and independent woman—one many believe to be his wife. Now he is faced with a conflict he’s never been trained to fight, and one she has yet to conquer.


Eternity Between Us

Eternity Between Us

 Two sides. Two hearts. And a gulf between them as deep and wide as eternity. 

"This tale brings a turbulent time to life with nuance and sensitivity."
JOCELYN GREEN, award-winning author of the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War series


Virginia, 1861

After being forced to use a pistol against invaders, Evelyn Mapleton is no longer the timid girl her extended family expects. The more her aunt and cousin resent her new independence, the more Evelyn is determined she'll make her missing father proud by taking up his cause and aiding Confederate soldiers--even if she has to outmaneuver the Yankees guarding her home to do it. 

Samuel Flynn's life is consumed with two priorities: learning to become a proper guardian for the young orphans he's adopted and obtaining his physicians license. When his final testing sends him to a Federal Army field hospital, the last thing he expects is to be entranced by a mysterious woman. But when Evelyn's misguided exploits put her life in danger, will he risk everything he's worked for to save a woman he thinks is his enemy?

Based on first-hand accounts from the Civil War and with a strong romantic thread, this is a tale of faith, espionage, hope, and courage historical fiction fans won't want to miss.


The Accidental Spy Series

The complete trilogy of  Accidental Spy novels

Captured and mistaken as a spy, can she unravel a conspiracy before her secrets cost a man his life?

★ The Accidental Spy Series is a 2020 rewrite of the previously titled Liberator Series. (Leveraging Lincoln, Losing Lincoln, Labeling Lincoln). 

Book One: An Accidental Spy

Some secrets change the world

Once a privileged heiress, Annabelle Ross is now struggling to hold her home and her life together through the devastation of the War Between the States. But with a forced marriage and a desolate future on the horizon, her hopes are beginning to dwindle. When she discovers an encrypted note on a dying soldier, she seizes the opportunity to use it to deliver a message of her own. Instead, she’s mistaken for a spy and captured. Now her only chance to escape is the handsome soldier in charge of discovering her secrets.

After his brother is captured by enemy soldiers, Matthew Daniels vows to rescue him at any cost. When a secret society offers him a chance for retribution, Matthew must decide between his loyalties and his convictions. To prove himself, he’ll have to first unmask the spirited spy holding the key to their plans or risk losing his brother forever.

Book Two: A Dangerous Performance


Book Three: A Daring Pursuit


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