Eternity Between Us (Paperback)

Eternity Between Us (Paperback)

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Two sides. Two hearts. And a gulf between them as deep and wide as eternity. 

"This tale brings a turbulent time to life with nuance and sensitivity."
JOCELYN GREEN, award-winning author of the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War series

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About this premium paperback

Virginia, 1861

After being forced to use a pistol against invaders, Evelyn Mapleton is no longer the timid girl her extended family expects. The more her aunt and cousin resent her new independence, the more Evelyn is determined she'll make her missing father proud by taking up his cause and aiding Confederate soldiers--even if she has to outmaneuver the Yankees guarding her home to do it. 

Samuel Flynn's life is consumed with two priorities: learning to become a proper guardian for the young orphans he's adopted and obtaining his physicians license. When his final testing sends him to a Federal Army field hospital, the last thing he expects is to be entranced by a mysterious woman. But when Evelyn's misguided exploits put her life in danger, will he risk everything he's worked for to save a woman he thinks is his enemy?

Based on first-hand accounts from the Civil War and with a strong romantic thread, this is a tale of faith, espionage, hope, and courage historical fiction fans won't want to miss.

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356 print book pages


    Praise for Eternity Between Us

    “In Eternity Between Us, Stephenia H. McGee displays not just her passion for history, but her respect for it. Thoroughly researched and convincingly told with the detail readers are sure to appreciate, this tale brings a turbulent time to life with nuance and sensitivity.”

    JOCELYN GREEN, award-winning author of the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War series

    “Stephenia H. McGee kept me turning pages to see what new scrapes Evelyn could get into. Samuel was a worthy hero perfectly suited to his vocation, in spite of the “thorn in his side” that seemed to thwart him at every turn. Through Samuel, Evelyn comes to realize that everything is not all black and white, nor is it simply blue and gray. And sometimes even those we think are loyal are the most cunning and devious of all. Readers who enjoy Civil War stories and strong women who aren’t afraid to dive into the fray will enjoy Eternity Between Us.”

    CBA bestselling author PAM HILLMAN

    “Set amidst the Civil War in the south, Eternity Between Us takes readers on a journey filled with suspense, danger and known enemies—and a love that finds a way to bloom despite all opposition.”

    DAWN CRANDALL, award-winning author of The Everstone Chronicles series

    “McGee once again brings her authentic Southern historical style reminiscent of Gone with the Wind, weaving a tale filled with action, intrigue, and characters who warm your heart.”

    MISTY M. BELLER, bestselling author of the Heart of the Mountains series

    “Stephenia H. McGee has a thrilling way with words. Her novels both inspire and enthrall, and I for one am hooked after chapter one. This newest novel, Eternity Between Us, is no exception. As soon as I met Evelyn and Samuel, I couldn’t read fast enough. I had a strong feeling these characters were going to find an everlasting love despite their slow start! McGee is an expert in all things Civil War, so you will learn some fascinating historical facts as you follow the intriguing plot. Five stars from me!”

    SHARLENE MACLAREN, Author of the Forever Freedom, Tennessee Dreams, and Hearts of Honor Series

    “Stephenia McGee has written another page-turner! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Eternity Between Us. The character development is fantastic and Ms. McGee’s research for this book was extensive—and it’s quite evident as the story unfolds. The plot keeps readers sitting at the end of their seats, wondering what’s going to happen next to Evelyn, Samuel, and other characters. If you love Civil War romance, this book is a must-read!”

    ANDREA BOESHAAR, Author of Shenandoah Valley Saga

    Eternity Between Us grabbed my attention from the first paragraph. This is a story that will sweep the reader up in the turmoil of the Civil War with a romance between a Yankee physician and a Southern belle. It was a story I hated to see end.”

    PATRICIA BRADLEY, Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award-winning Author of the Memphis Cold Case Novels


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     Martinsburg, Virginia

    July 4, 1861

    They were here.

    Evelyn Mapleton gathered her courage and stood at the parlor window to listen. The sound came first as a steady growl accompanied by the rat-a-tat of drums and squealing trumpets, upending the precarious calm of a town poised on the knife’s edge of war. An unnatural thunder rumbled through the air, carrying with it not thoughts of rain but of smoke and trepidation.

    With each pound of the nearing forces, Evelyn’s heart quivered. One single thought kept cadence in her mind, bringing with it a chilling fear that turned her stomach to lead.

    They were here.

    The vibrations trembled through the house, rattling Aunt Mary’s porcelains and coaxing the other members of the family to gather in the parlor alongside Evelyn in the scant hope there might be a measure of peace found in company. The oppressive heat thickened in the house, Aunt Mary having been too nervous to let in even a timid breeze.

    For the two days since the Yanks defeated Jackson at Falling Waters, Evelyn had stayed sequestered in her aunt’s townhome on South Queen Street, waiting for the inevitable. Now it came, with raucous laughter and barking voices to accompany the rumble of drums, a most quarrelsome and discordant attempt at victory’s song. Half of Martinsburg would surely join them, while the rest of the divided citizenship had likely either abandoned their homes or was now hiding within them until the trouble passed.

    Evelyn peeled back the curtain and stared outside. Would Daddy’s warnings about the invaders come to pass? She tightened her hands into fists. She must be brave and fulfill the promise he’d coaxed from her before he’d left her again.

    Pulse fluttering, she gazed down the town’s empty street for as far as she could see. How long would it be until the sound gave way to the sight of those who caused it? How many would descend upon them like locusts, destroying all they touched without conscience?

    “Evelyn! Come away from that window at once!”

    Evelyn let the lace curtain fall and looked over her shoulder at her aunt’s pale features. At thirty-eight, Aunt Mary was the same age Evelyn’s mother would have been. Daddy had promised his sister was a fine lady of pristine character, and she would provide for Evelyn what a lone man never could.

    Unfortunately, his news reports stated the Yanks gave no heed to such things, and no deference would be given to the genteel. Brutes, the lot of them, Daddy had said.

    The terrible fears Daddy had printed in his newspaper articles reflected in Aunt Mary’s eyes, so Evelyn pried herself away from the window and withdrew into the shadows of the parlor. Little Lara clutched her mother’s skirts, her sweet face buried deep into Aunt Mary’s sage gown. For her sake, Evelyn pasted on a smile. “Not to worry, Lara. They will soon enough pass. We’re safe in here.”

    Lara lifted her eyes to Evelyn for a few seconds, then managed a small nod before seeking out her older sister’s gaze as well. Isabella remained too engrossed in plucking at her immaculate gown to notice. Evelyn inwardly sighed. Did her cousin ever truly notice the child?

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