EBOOK Falling for the Fifties (Back Inn Time book 2)

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Back Inn Time Series Book 2

*Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone title. 
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About this premium ebook:

What would you do if you finally found Mr. Right…in the wrong time?

Maddie Palmer is done with dating. Internet matchmaking landed her one dud after another. Tired, frustrated, and finished with love, Maddie stays the night at a quirky Victorian bed and breakfast on the eve of her grandparents’ sixty-fifth wedding anniversary. When she suddenly wakes up in 1956, she gets the unexpected chance to witness her grandparents’ fairy tale love unfold and finally learn the secret to finding “the one.” But what is she going to do when she meets her own Mr. Right—only to discover he’s Mr. Wrong Time?

Nathanial Hall is set on one mission. Pass his training exam and join the Hurricane Hunters at Keesler Air Force Base. When he mysteriously finds himself on base sixty-five years too early, there can only be one explanation. He has to save the crew destined to die in Hurricane Flossy. But when a beautiful singer snags his heart and derails his carefully planned life, he has to decide if staying in the past is worth risking his entire future.

♥ The Back Inn Time series books are fun, faith-filled stories of what it might be like to suddenly experience life in a different time. These clean historical romances are packed with humor and adventure. Perfect for fans of dual timeline or time slip stories and Christian historical romance, these books answer the question every historical fiction fan wonders—what would it be like if I went back to that time? If you enjoy the wholesomeness of Amish, Western, or frontier fiction and adore romantic comedies, then a visit to a seaside Victorian inn where you can “step back inn time and leave your troubles behind!” is for you.

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What readers are saying:

Enjoy a sample from page one:


True love no longer existed. If Maddie Palmer hadn’t known that before tonight, she was certain now. She pushed a sweaty lock of milk chocolate hair from her face and tapped her foot on the brick sidewalk outside of what, earlier this morning, she’d hoped would be a nice restaurant. Instead, her self-proclaimed foodie date had invited her to a two-star dive at best. Heaving a sigh, she kept her back to the rundown exterior of The Crab Shack and watched the little blue dot that indicated the current location of her rideshare. Good thing she’d insisted on meeting Mr. Wrong at the restaurant. Too bad she’d let her friend Darla borrow her car.

She swiped off the app and pressed the green talk bubble for messages. She tapped Darla’s name, and her thumbs pecked out a quick text.

Get everything worked out?

Yeah. All good. Just parked your car. Keys in the usual.


Shouldn’t you be paying attention to your date?

Date over.


They’d talk about the details later. She pulled up the rideshare app. What in the world was taking this guy so long? Her phone dinged again.

So much for online dating?

Maddie withheld a snort. If Darla only knew. A last-ditch resort, she hadn’t really expected to find love online any more than she’d expected to find a platinum record bearing her name hanging on her wall. But really. Did no decent men exist anymore?

Never again. From now on, I meet creeps BEFORE I agree to have dinner with them.

Ouch. Dish over brunch tomorrow?

Can’t. Anniversary party for my grandparents. Supper Sunday?

You got it.

Yep. No more online dating. Tonight’s selection from the loser menu featured a handsy slimeball who suggested they ditch dessert and head back to his basement apartment instead. She checked her watch. Seven twenty-three. Shortest date ever.

Maddie dropped her phone into her purse and shifted her weight in her heels. She’d even dressed up for the guy. Once she’d turned down his invite, he hadn’t even offered to drive her home. Not that she would’ve accepted. But still. Being left standing on the curb stung.

She should have known better. So what if her roommates Kate and Darla had both found great guys online? They obviously had better luck with men than she did. Bad relationships just ran in her family.

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