A Dangerous Performance: Audiobook & eBook Bundle

A Dangerous Performance: Audiobook & eBook Bundle

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Get both the audio and eBook editions of A Dangerous Performance at a discount!
The Accidental Spy Series book two
*There are three books in this series and they MUST be read in order*

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*Spoiler alert! Don't read on unless you've listened to book one An Accidental Spy

History can change in the blink of an eye...

Annabelle’s bravery unraveled a destructive plot and saved the president, but now the thwarted conspirators grow desperate. While trouble turns more deadly in Washington, Matthew and Annabelle escape to New York, where they have finally succeeded in finding Matthew’s brother. But breaking him out of Elmira prison is about as likely as saving her fractured inheritance.

Protecting Annabelle put Matthew on the wrong side of some very dangerous men, but he’d do anything to save the woman he loves—even if it means keeping her from the truth. With time running out and an unexpected miracle testing what remains of his faith, Matthew must confront his fears or risk losing her heart forever.

★ A Dangerous Performance is a 2020 rewrite of the previously published title Losing Lincoln (The Liberator Series book two)

Book two of three. The Accidental Spy series is an adventurous romantic trilogy following Annabelle Ross and Matthew Daniels. Please note these books must be read in order and that while each book has a complete storyline, the overall plot is completed throughout the trilogy.

Listening time: 9 hrs 15 mins 

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