Christmas Booklover's Bundle

Christmas Booklover's Bundle

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Special Christmas Booklover's Bundle!

Looking for an affordable gift you can digitally deliver to a friend no matter how far away they live?

Simply complete the purchase with your information (email, billing, etc). When you receive an email from BookFunnel that says "here are your books" simply forward that email (or copy and paste each of the download links) to your friend. Just make sure you don't click and download the books yourself first.  

Special Christmas Digital Book Bundle includes:

  • Beautiful Printable bookmarks
  • Printable coloring sheets
  • Booklover's book reading planner
  • eBook The Hope of Christmas Past
  • eBook A Castle for Christmas

EBooks Included:

A Castle for Christmas

Part of the Back Inn Time Series, but can be read entirely as a stand alone story. The series ties together by each set of new characters visiting a B&B that transports them back in time.

A crown meant for a princess. A medieval castle. And a one-way ticket to an unforgettable romance.

A life-changing diagnosis sends Avery Stuart on a last-chance Christmas road trip. The cheery bed-and-breakfast offers a festive way to spend the holidays alone. But when she finds her name listed on an ancient family tree next to an English baron, her trip suddenly takes a startling turn—no fairy godmother included. She might have gotten the Cinderella dress, but her prince is more beast than charming.

On the verge of seeing his people starve, Sir Robert de Northwood must seek a bride with a hefty dowry in order to salvage what war has wrought. The night he must choose his wife, a strange foreign princess arrives at Northwood Castle dressed in enough jewels to feed his barony for a year—and she’s entirely alone. Sir Robert is intrigued by the fascinating woman and offers his protection by way of a sensible marriage arrangement that will benefit them both. But when the mysterious Princess Avery of Gardenia claims to be from the future, how much will he risk losing in order to keep her close?


The Hope of Christmas Past

When a mysterious painting offers her a trip to the past, will Isla find new hope for her future?

On the brink of aging out the foster system, the last thing Isla Laird wants is to spend Christmas in an old-fashioned plantation. What’s the point of bonding with her foster mom when it’s too late to ever be adopted? But when a mysterious painting suddenly thrusts her into the nineteenth century, Isla is forced to face hurts and memories she’s long tried to bury. With time running out and her heart in tatters, can God use an impossible miracle to bring Isla hope for a new future?

A heartwarming afternoon read of faith, family, and Christmas miracles. 

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